After Bruce caught diamonds'

effectiveness from gabardine, houndtoothed
icicles just killjoyed levity
many nuances otherwise polarized
quaked red solvents towards underutilized
vases while xeon yodeled zeroes.

From A to

To see,
better yet,
hear who
is silent about...

I told a secret only to N
who knows De and H
who are friendly or chums
with Do and B,
one who hates
one who likes,
better yet,
tolerates me.

Do will probably tell BJ
then E, the head honcho,
as it were,
who will tattle to Je
who will tell C
who will then tell X, Q, U
and finally me
something new about me

I have never experienced or
imagined before.

Yet, B may tell A
or H will tell R
who is dating S,
who is the ex almost daughter-in-law
 of Do
 who offend K
 five years ago
 and who today is in the same group
 I am now in

H does know Mo too
who is married to N
who worked with W
who knows BJ
who we all are still on talking terms with
to some degree or another,
except V
and Me
even though they both sort of have
A, passing acquaintance with C,
who liked G
no longer with us,
especially Me
so now she, or he,
hangs with Y, L, and Ma
who no longer hangs with Z.

A and Ta are out
in the cold
more than they
or P
as usual,

I, me, yours truly
is leaving right now, this microsecond
for Eternity.

The Alphabet Speaks for Itself

A is
B was
C might be
D does not
E could
F should
would G
maybe H
never I
J walks
K talks
L stalks
M misses
N's kisses
O sighs
P lies
near the Q
R owns
S stones
T atones
all for U
V did
W may
X debates
Y rebates
delineates Z.




C feels L is dissing her
that AEIOU is supporting him
the five always a unit
apart of the other twenty-one.
S is a proponent of C
which D cannot balance
even when M defected from D's influence.

C wants to xxx with J,
not I
but B and G,
off-putting all involved.
L recently ditched MNOP-
too much of a polysyllabic crew
until O became her own entity
before Y was to replace her
making a new quintet
While Q watches U
and never questions Y.

Z ends the row before F
fails to fulfill his potential
to lead P back to C
as their society
holds they all should be
excepting B, T, E and V
and DMZs
will evermore remain
at the back end
of sequential rows.

New Initials

C, H, L, and I
knew each other before
I knew A and D in a similar situation
although D is not I's favorite
since J came into the picture
halfway through.

E and T stay neutral
but B has too many opinions
like D's
for V and I's taste.

R is too impatient with A
for siding with L and C
in the controversy
in promoting J or S
who now works
with M at TRW
instead of us
something she decided on PDQ
for Y
and I's sakes.

H just hangs out at the YMCA
hoping to dodge the FBI and CIA
and 1040s by the way.

I thinks
U and I
C and P
on the sidewalk
wishing Zs would catch up
with O
I feels
in his DDTs
and now missing BVDs.

D made sure H was gone

for good
not to Hades or Bedlam
although the latter would
have left sweetness
in his saccharine mouth

then started in on Z
although swarm
is hard to trace
at most points
along the Trans- American highway
or for him
and a bad joke by C.

J just existed in his quiet way
until a minor point
would cause quietus
to his savvy and soul.

U and S are still deadbeats
in a blank evil-doed eyed
sort of way.

F is peeved

N would name the pet
in such a way.
J listens and wonders why Y
and B or no longer his or her BFFs
of course
upsets the F found
at the start of this piece
who is not in the quotient at all,
he or she still can't understand
why Y, L and M
did not invite F
to S's surprise bash
at an AT&T outlet
which C saw as a spy spot
for the old USSR.
I will go to
V's house to see
how A and P are
getting along now
with U in the long run
when they exchanged
their X factored pet
for N"s
and renamed
is that
thought LMNOP
in both soul
and spirit
if not in body.

Alphabet Wars

I is mad at A
and all those
who took
their vows, even Y
and sometimes X
but most especially U
for taking A to C
to decide if R and U
were splitting her off from Q
her constant love since the
Gothic 8 replaced 2 as a couple
with W
the double U
that upset I in the first place.

Yet trying to
split LMNOP up
is the hardest task of all
as I and U
had fought over for many centuries
especially since Z
is always the laggard
A or even B
and D, G, T and V,
(well V maybe V) will never be.

J is still leaving C
not because of S or N
he feels A is just the better
place to be until he gets
over being pressed by M
to take the I 10 west
where E used to be his third-best friend.
 And F will still want his gas money
while R and K seem
happier in the east
so J feels no real guilt
forward for what
he feels about B, L and D
and how they tripled teamed
so negatively about V semesters ago.
J still dislikes W
despise what the other triplets
X,Y and Z have to say.
Please remember
all of this is on
the QT.     

Mira Loma

J is throwing ham slices
at E while one of them
is dating R heavily
and M nearly got ran over
because of it.
A just slept away
a result of late nights out
with C who cannot hold
his drink since his accident
involving S who just hates
the freeways after the way
B would drive her to see L
or M or J or B
maybe K who is hung up
too much on C
will start seeing G
who is so involved with F
that K may go back to B after all.

D forever waits for inspiration
while I plans to dream longer
than either H or B or C
or even S can hope for.

Letter Codes

M believes C does not exist
as indicated at meetings
they both attend.
But if A, G and S even burp,
the ground they walk
is defied by M,
who just happens to be
her BFFs.
And when N turned
in his report a bit late,
M wanted to place "L"
on his brow a la
"The Scarlet Letter."
T turns away from it all
while E goes silent
since R and U refuse to ask
D whittles his toothpick
into the shape of Idaho
and K is special
as always.
Which reminds I,
O and U
fees are due
but J and O
as a team
refuse the slimy
strong- arm tactics
of WXY
and the terminator
M in the middle
employs to reinforce
to keep and M and H
and P
in line.

N wants to make it

with M
especially when he wears striped dress shirts
with dark plain ties.
This upsets J since he
is not the center of action
as he wants to be
G seems to dress
in the dark,
in the fatal and intense blows
of a Category 6 hurricane
while P never changes his clothing routine
from week to week
and the smell precedes him
by an hour.
Biker boots and argyle socks marks L
a special case
and F has an issue
with baskets
since W and N can never find his, B's, E's and
and T's.

U is unconcerned
and I wants for the new spring catalogue
to make a move on R
in a striped tie and a clean white shirt
all nearly as well-fitted as N"s, O's and P's


VJ does not like KY
and his LP about
FDR and the IRA
from the 8ts.
The LBT is not expecting a RSVP
to a BBQ in NYC
but a DVD on a BJ
shows the parallels quickly
if U BYOB.
It is EZ
if U Xs it out:
an FYI: if U answers
NOW will declare
as easy as ABC.                         

From Z Back to

Today I, not me,
but I,
him or
will never tell
anyone but U
that I, me
or maybe it wasn't me
but I,
saw H again today
but she wasn't friendly with N,
who is still married to M
believe it or not,
who will share his house with R,
even though N and M are now married
where when N, M and R shared a house before
west of here
none of them were
with each other at least.

Anyhow R is now seeing S
who dropped E,
or was it the other way around.

A, Mg, O and Ry are back
but in different states of mind
as it were.
They don't even talk to each other
as intimately as they used to.

C from work
made an appearance
and told me
the latest scoop on Sn,
especially Tr.

I must admit I do like him better
than B and J
from work,
although D ranks higher than the other three
as I see it.

I don't know if C knows H
who also works where I do
although he seemed to chat her up
when she was in between him and I,
not me
but I,
in the L-shaped room.

It was an X-rated conversation,
the F word was bandied about
fast and loose,
Z told me
Y and U
later that same day
causing V, a late arrival with P, D and Q,
 to blush coquettishly,
something B would like W to C
no I
mean see.

Last, and don't tell a soul,
saw J walking
with K
before they ran into P
and B
and O
causing her to redden again
like V
since they all had been lovers once
when H supervised the U-haul
next to K's market.